משרה מס': 21833
מנהל/ת עיצוב (Art Director)
We are looking for a new Design Studio manager to join our growing team. The leader will responsible for leading the design and narrative vision of our brand, and providing support, mentoring and guidance to the design team.
The ideal candidate will have a demonstrable track-record as a Design Director on multiple high-profile titles.

Lead and manage the design and narrative teams on the brand, responsible for the delivery and quality of those teams.
Own the creative vision when it comes to design and narrative. Building a design line from the beginning and maintaining.
Hands-on design of
Implement, iterate and improve on a creative and feature implementation process, hand-in-hand with the company product and marketing teams.
Collaboration with external suppliers

2+ Demonstrate track-on record of managing and mentoring online marketing design and narrative teams
Solid understanding of marketing production design process and methodology.
Technical experience and understanding of HTML/ UX/UI

משרות דומות
Art Director
a global leader in Powersports and Outdoor communication systems, is seeking a highly talented and experienced Art Director to join our dynamic team of passionate marketing professionals. As the Art Director, you will play the leading role in shaping the visual identity and creative direction of our brand, reporting directly to our CMO. In addition to overseeing our in-house design team, you will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that our consumer electronics products and marketing materials reflect our brand's vision and resonate with our target audience. Responsibilities: Creative Direction: Define and maintain the overall creative direction and visual identity of our brand across various touchpoints, including product design, packaging, marketing campaigns, digital media, and retail displays. Team Management: Lead and mentor a team of in-house designers, providing guidance, feedback, and support to ensure their professional growth and the delivery of high-quality creative work. Design Strategy: Collaborate with the marketing, product development, and engineering teams to develop design strategies that align with business objectives, market trends, and consumer preferences. Brand Consistency: Ensure consistent application of the brand's visual language, guidelines, and standards across all design projects, both internal and external. Project Management: Plan and prioritize design projects, allocate resources effectively, and ensure timely delivery of design assets that meet quality standards and project objectives. Creative Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, marketers, copywriters, and developers, to ensure cohesive and impactful execution of design concepts. Quality Assurance: Review and provide constructive feedback on design deliverables, ensuring they meet the brand's aesthetic standards and adhere to technical specifications. Research and Trends: Stay updated on industry trends, and emerging technologies, and design best practices to continually enhance the brand's creative output and keep ahead of the competition. Vendor Management: Collaborate with external agencies, freelancers, and production partners, managing relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the quality of work delivered....
Product Designer (UX & UI)
We are in search of an experienced Product Designer with a proven track record of proactive behavior and adept management, who can excel within a dynamic, startup-like atmosphere. A Designer who knows how to design at scale, sees beyond the pixels, is not afraid of business metrics, and asks “why” a lot. This candidate will work to invent, build, and optimize widgets on third-party sites that need to be organized and made with a design system (that we don’t have yet) for an efficient and short TTM. Besides design expertise, the role also requires prowess in working with matrix teams and navigating intricate scenarios. Take ownership of a distinct domain and spearhead it from a product-design standpoint, demonstrating proactive leadership. Design, build, and maintain an adaptable design system organism for third-party sites Collaborate closely with R&D and PMs to ensure the design system's efficacy and its alignment with revenue generation from user intent. Utilize research, prototyping tools, mock-ups, animations, and more to present and rationalize design concepts and methodologies to stakeholders. Articulate and sell design decisions. Foster collaborative relationships with fellow designers, product managers, R&D teams, business units, content creators, and marketing specialists, while promoting knowledge exchange for optimal outcomes. Guarantee a seamless handoff to developers through meticulous organization and appropriately documented files....
Art Director
We are seeking a highly talented & motivated Art Director to join our Growth Department. This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced creative person who is in love with creating unforgettable images and holistic concepts that make a powerful impact. Responsibilities Design unique images in the social media field (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.). Create storyboards for UGC and Commercial videos. Manage A/B testing processes from A to Z by working closely with campaign managers. Constant analysis of trends in the social media field and ability to implement these insights in the design you create. Work closely with the Copywriter, Design Studio, and Video Studio while creating sharp and data-driven creatives. Making a vertical-based overview and utilizing creative data in order to monetize the creative assets results....
UI/UX Product Designer
Responsibilities: ● A skilled problem solver, able to understand highly complex problems and conceptualize original ideas that bring simplicity and improve user experience ● Collaborate with product managers and software developers to define, design, and implement innovative solutions for both web and mobile ● Define and follow a solid design system, careful attention to details, and be able to see the big picture ● Ability to take ownership and lead a project from concept to launch and effectively communicate the design rationale...
מנהל/ת אתר אינטרנט דובר/ת ערבית
לענקית אלקטרוניקה וסלולאר דרוש/ה מנהל אתר בשפה הערבית. ניהול פעילות אתר האינטרנט– ניהול שוטף של עריכת תוכן, תמונות ומוצרים על פי GUIDE גלובלי (לוקליזציה) o בקרה על עדכון המידע באתר על בסיס יום- יומי o עבודה שוטפת מול חברות צד ג': חברת SEO, מול חברת תרגום o עבודה שוטפת ויומיומית מול ממשקים מחו'ל באנגלית טיפול ומעקב אחר פניות ממנהלי המחלקות/מנהלי מוצרים יכולת גבוהה לעבודת ממשקים ולעבודה בצוות!...
מעצב/ת גרפית לחברת הייטק במרכז
לחברת הייטק ברמת גן דרוש/ה מעצב/ת גרפי/ת מנוסה -עבודה על דפי נחיתה, באנרים וכדומה ....
מעצב/ת גרפי
לחברת e commerce מובילה בהרצליה דרוש/ה מעצב/ת גרפי ניסיון בעיצוב באנרים,דפי נחיתה , חומרי מרקטינג. Web and digital design experience with: Rsfonsibiim, landing pages, banners for marketing purposes. Design digital campaigns for web &mobile. Provide strategic thinking and leadership. Collaborate with cross-functional teams throughout the design process Research and track advancements in mobile application and digital design patterns ...
עורך /ת תוכן ואחראי /ת ניוזלטרים
מועדון לקוחות מוביל מחפש עורך /ת תוכן ואחראי /ת ניוזלטרים. התפקיד כולל: עריכה והזנת תכנים באתר, עריכה בסיסית של תמונות. בנייה ועריכה של הניוזלטרים היומיים של החברה. ניהול רשימות תפוצה ודיוור לקהלי יעד. אפיון קהלים ובניית תהליך פרסונלי. מדידה של פעילות הניוזלטרים. כתיבה וקידום ברשתות החברתיות. משרה מלאה בכפר סבא הירוקה....